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Texas License to Carry Course (Formerly known as CHL) From an Experienced Instructor with Credentials

Mark Giordonello, Owner

LTC On Demand is owned and operated by Mark Giordonello, a Texas License to Carry Instructor. I am licensed to teach in the state of Texas. My business is based in Sugar Land, TX, serving Sugar Land, Missouri City, Stafford, Richmond, Rosenberg, and Houston.

My extensive background includes working for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for 30 years while being trained in guns, weapons, chemical agents, and defensive tactics. For 14 years I have been teaching license to carry classes (LTC was formerly known as CHL), first step classes for beginners, and self defense classes.

What I Offer

I offer License To Carry Course (formerly known as CHL - Concealed Handgun License) classes. Each one is conducted in a manner that is easy to understand, interesting, and engaging. One of my primary sources of enrollees are referrals from satisfied students who have many great memories of their time in the classroom and on the range.

Enroll in one of my classes and learn what you need to become a responsible gun owner and fulfill state requirements. You will leave my class with a comfortable understanding of the laws that address the use of force and carrying a concealed weapon.

LTC On Demand in the News

LTC On Demand had back to back License to Carry classes the day after the school shooting in Santa Fe, TX

This article is in the Dallas Morning News, similar articles are in USA Today and the Corpus Christi Times.

Customized Tactical Training

The safety and security of you and your family are paramount to me. That is why I offer tactical training classes that are tailor-made to fit your particular needs and provide you with much-needed peace of mind.


At LTC On Demand, I believe that the right to bear arms comes with a mandatory responsibility to be educated and safe. The best way to learn how to do this is under the instruction of an experienced instructor within an environment that welcomes all skill levels. Let my course lay the foundation for you to become a responsible gun owner who is able to take his or her skills out into the real world.

Skill and Safety

I offer a large array of classes that cover several topics. These range from License to Carry classes, first step classes for beginners, and self defense classes.

Convenient Classes

All classes take place seven days a week. These include Texas license to carry classes, first step classes for beginners that want to learn to use a gun, and self defense classes.

Advanced Technology

Enroll in my course and learn how to use state-of-the-art equipment. You will have access to the most cutting-edge handgun training technology available today.

Expert Instructor

Learn from the best. I am a highly skilled instructor with a wealth of real-world experience.

Schedule Your Training Today

My students come from all walks of life, including all ages, genders, and occupations. If you have a desire to expand your knowledge and skills in the use of firearms, then LTC On Demand is perfect for you. I can help you achieve the necessary mindset, tactical capability, and expertise to adequately prepare for and respond to a violent confrontation. Learn how to survive any attack and prevail over your assailant. Call me today to book a class!

Above are some newspaper clippings with Mr. G

The videos below are also of Mr. G

Mr. G and his LTC On Demand Graduates

Dawn B.

I just had to share my recent experience about taking the License to Carry Training Course offered by Mark Giordonello AKA (Mr. G.) on 6/14/2016. It was a very great experience all the way around. The class offered was awesome, comfortable and very informative. Great presentation skills and information was shared to help us grasp the responsibility of gun laws, responsibilities that go with getting a license and ownership of a handgun. It was not boring and certainly was more than I ever expected. I would highly recommend this class to anyone. The instructor made sure that everyone was comfortable in understanding all the information that was presented. Next we were on to the firing range for testing of our skills.

Mr. G. made sure safety came first. He took his time with each individual and gave great instruction on improvements we could make and made sure all felt comfortable with the guns and shooting etc.

All 4 of us ladies in the class passed the test and proficiency with shooting. It was an awesome experience that I will not forget. If any of you out there are looking to take the License to Carry Training, I would highly recommend calling Mark Giordonello AKA (Mr. G.) at first for any of your needs.

Anisha W.

Great instructor, giving a great informative class. Considering the amount of material, we were able to go through it at a nice pace. Mark was able to give real life instances about areas he was discussing. There wasn't a dull moment, thanks to Mark's sense of humor. I actually enjoyed the range and the entire class. Thank You Mark!

Toni P.

I recently worked with Mr. G and took a NRA first steps class. I am a young female with two children and I've never shot a gun before. I felt like it was important for me to learn how to use a gun. I learned so much from Mr. G. He explains all of the instruction step by step. He understands that you are nervous and it makes the process so much easier. He also offers self-defense class and CHL classes. I will definitely be using his services in the future.

Kristi B.

I took the CHL class with Mr. G this past week and LOVED it!!!! Mr. G is extremely knowledgeable about handgun rules and safety. He's a great instructor that doesn't just read from the book, he tells personal stories which help make the material relatable. I had never shot a handgun before we went to the range that day. Mr. G went slow with me and made me feel super comfortable. By the end of the session I was drilling the bullseye!! I would highly recommend Mr. G's class. He's great!

Pancho C.

It's easy to identify when somebody is passionate about their job and enjoys teaching others the concept of safety when handling a gun. Mr. G is one that I would definitely recommend going to take your CHL license from. He knows his stuff and If you're willing to learn, Mr. G is ready to teach.