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Mr. G is very informative and knowledgeable.  He takes the time to make sure you retain all the information that is discussed during the class.  Training is very important after you receive your LTC, Mr. G is willing to guide you through this process.  Thank you for all you do Mr. G!

Jenny H.

Pearland, TX

Mr G was an awesome instructor. Me and my Wife are now LTC gun owners. He was very informative on the Texas Laws and explained the importance and the responsibility a gun owner has. He answered all our questions. He also offers self defense classes and shooting classes to assist individuals on the care and maintenance of their guns and help them getting familiar and comfortable with them as well.


John D.

Spring, TX


It's easy to identify when somebody is passionate about their job and enjoys teaching others the concept of safety when handling a gun. Mr. G is one that I would definitely recommend going to take your CHL license from. He knows his stuff and If you're willing to learn, Mr. G is ready to teach.

Pancho C.

Energy Corridor, Houston, TX

I had a great time at this class and learned a lot.  Mr. G truly takes the time to teach the important legal, safety, and practical principals behind carrying a firearm and does so in a entertaining and easy-to-understand manner. Also, Mr. G can really shoot!  This was my second LTC class (got a license in 2006 and never renewed so I have to do the whole thing over) and this was miles ahead of my previous instruction. Great class, great teacher!


Jamey C.

Sugar Land, TX


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