A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a Gun License


What My Class Includes

Included In My Class:

The Official DPS Texas License To Carry (formally known as Concealed Handgun License) Training Course.

  1. All Required DPS Paperwork/ LTC-100 Form
  2. Eye and Ear Protection
  3. Required B-27 Target
  4. Refreshments

Not Included In My Class:

  1. Range Fee

Our 6 step process to get your License To Carry (formerly known as CHL).

  • Step One

    1. Sign up for a class date and make a payment online.

  • Step Two

    2. Click here to go to the Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS) web site.

  • Step Three

    3. Complete the forms and pay your state licensing fee. Remember there are several discounts available for veterans and senior citizens, as well as law enforcement. If you don’t have an exemption, the state fee is $40 for the first 4+ years.

  • Step Four

    4. Download the forms they tell you download. At a minimum, it will include a cover sheet with a big bar code on it. Don’t miss this step. If you were born out of the country, click here to see what documents TXDPS accepts.

  • Step Five

    5. Schedule a fingerprinting appointment. Call the number provided from TXDPS or go on-line and set an appointment with the state contractor. This is $10

  • Step Six

    6. Bring all your materials to class. At the successful conclusion of my class, I will give you the LTC-100 form needed for the TXDPS.

Process Steps

If you have questions or suggestions, please let me know by contacting me at (281)770-9103